Armadillo Trapping, Newnan, GA

Armadillo Trapping | Armadillo Removal | Armadillo Hand Catching

Armadillo Removal, Newnan, GA

We were called out for Armadillo Trapping in Newnan, Ga. We arrived at the residence and located several Armadillo Burrows and numerous signs of damage. We were able to set traps in the areas and remove 6 armadillos from the callers property. If your having issues with armadillos damaging your property we utilize proven methods to remove them. Call us at (678)340-3269

Armadillo Removal | Armadillo Trapping | Armadillo Hand Catching

Juvenile Armadillo in Custody, Newnan, Ga

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Squirrel Trapping and Relocation in Sharpsburg, GA

We were called by a customer for Squirrel Trapping  in Sharpsburg, Ga. They had family of Grey Squirrels living in their attic. We were able to hand catch mom and trap 4 babies. The video above is the release back into the wild. Enjoy

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